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After the newsletter’s consumption overview column was released on Tuesday, many friends asked us where we can buy cheap shirts (shoes) without colliding with others. We decided to recommend some worthy items to everyone from time to time.

Taking advantage of the heat of the World Cup, whether you love football or not, if you want to be a kind of “soccer hooligan”, you might as well take a look at the 5 football-related items we recommend in this issue. Alexander Wang and adidas Originals In the third cooperation of shoes, in addition to maintaining the ace cushioning technology of BOOST, this pair of BBALL SOCCER combines elements of basketball shoes and football shoes. The high-quality suede is matched with the stitching design derived from COPA. , The texture is excellent Cheap Replica MLB Jerseys.

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At Milan Design Week 2018, Nike found the Italian fashion house Slam Jam to jointly create a joint version of the Replica MLB Jerseys. At the same time, it also added an exquisite team logo and a special slogan. Starting at less than 400 yuan for a joint Replica MLB Jerseys that hardly hits the shirt is already quite cost-effective.

The influence of Gosha Rubchinskiy and adidas does not need to be said, the 2018 spring and summer series has added Rave culture as a clothing design element. The retro style and special tailoring are definitely one of the first choices of friends who want to wear a Replica MLB Jerseys during the World Cup. At the same time, can’t the temptation of 50% attract you?

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If you have read our previous articles carefully, you will definitely have an impression of this brand. The Nike DRY-FIT T-shirt is used as the bottom plate and incorporates Japanese-style Chinese character design. The word “Xi Shao” on the chest has been guaranteed to you, and it will never hit your shirt. In addition, the website has also prepared a size chart for Cheap Replica MLB Jerseys, so don’t worry if you are not sure about the size.

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The editor that you saw on Tuesday is the same style, with a wide upper and a narrow profile with a retro design of bat sleeves and a special drawstring structure on the collar. Although it is summer, there is absolutely nothing wrong with preparing such a sweater for autumn and winter.