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Although Andrea Lieberman, the designer of the American clothing brand ALC, lives the life of a trapeze, she did not plan to prepare some “suitable” clothes for business trips, but came up with the idea that clothes should be worn everywhere and irrespective of the season. . This is also reflected in the A.L.C.2017 early autumn Replica NFL Jerseys. In the early autumn Replica NFL Jerseys, Andrea Lieberman launched new basic models such as velvet suspender skirts and knitted sweaters.

College Room Service Replica NFL Jerseys printed patterns mainly reflect the extreme weather in recent years. The sense of hierarchy is also one of the key points of ALC this season. Although button-down shirts and skirts are common collocations, Andrea Lieberman has a high collar and slightly The fold design injects freshness into such a match.

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After Gucci used embroidery and other floral designs, the fashion world ushered in “spring” early. A few days ago, FRE Customs, a handmade shoe shop on Instagram, used Gucci Ace’s embroidery technology on Nike Air Force 1. Combining the classic designs of the two major brands, the shoe is called “Flowerbomb”. Originally only 20 pairs were planned to be sold, but because of the high demand, FRE Customs will release another 50 pairs on January 20.

Dutch design studio App├ętit and chocolate manufacturer Oialla have designed a chocolate Cheap Replica NFL Jerseys “Room Service” for hotel guests. The Replica NFL Jerseys has 5 groups of chocolates, each with a different taste and shape. These chocolates will be engraved with the initials of the guest’s name and guests are required to find them like a treasure hunt. Guests will know the details of the chocolates and the story behind them before checking in. The hotel will also give some tips on where to hide the chocolates.

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The chocolate named “Flavour Exploration Club” hopes that no matter which hotel you are in, you can feel the visual impact of the “chocolate building” unexpectedly somewhere. The Terrains Cheap Replica NFL Jerseys shows the landforms, and each piece of chocolate is equipped with tools for customers to weigh and cut. The “PRTCL” chocolate in the wooden box is prepared for guests who love traditional handicrafts.

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“Commodity” chocolate promotes the concept of fair trade. Each piece of chocolate is accompanied by ingredients, a description of the production date, and even carbon emissions. The packaging of this striped chocolate will also echo the shape, but it is a special customized Replica NFL Jerseys Online.